"The seed for a great miracle lies not in difficulty, but impossibility"
- Angus Buchan


The Calahonda Church Pastors

Dave and Naomi Hodgson

Rev. David Hodgson and Naomi Coley Hodgson.

Dave and Naomi were married in 2009 and have a young daughter, Melissa Rose.

Dave spent several years in the motor trade but after many years of sensing the call of God on his life he went to Elim Bible College. After graduation he then became the Assistant Pastor at Coventry Elim for 6 years. During that time Dave had Spain on his heart and he responded to the call in 2009. He became the Assistant Pastor at the Elim Family Fellowship in Benalmádena where he met his wife Naomi.

Naomi is a qualified school teacher having graduated from Malaga University in 2005. She has lived in Spain since she was 8 years old, enabling her to be fluent in Spanish and, as the daughter of pastors, she has been involved in church ministry for most of her life.

Both Dave and Naomi sensed God calling them into ministry as a couple and from May 2014 they took up the pastorate of the Calahonda Church.